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In response to the needs of the current medical environment with hospitals, insurance plans and societies demands for economical control of medical costs, Dr. George Vito is proud to announce the opening of an in-office surgical suite at the LeRoy office. The in-office surgical suite will save patients time and money without forgoing the best medical care available for foot and ankle surgery.

The ankle and Foot centers utilize intra office fluoroscopy, diagnostic ultrasound, low intensity shock wave therapy for heel pain, injections utilizing Plasma Rich Protein, as well as traditional surgical methods with the use of local injection anesthesia to treat all aliments of the foot and ankle.

There are no lengthy pre-operative evaluations, no cancelations, prolonged wait times due to hospital politics and or staffing issues related to scheduling delays or cancelations.

Ankle & Foot Centers of Western New York
Ankle & Foot Centers of Western New York

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