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If you have diabetes, you understand that you face a higher risk of foot problems. These typically include nerve damage or poor circulation, loss of feeling in your feet, an inability to feel pain, a lower chance of healing after an injury and more.

At Ankle and Foot Centers of Western New York, we are here to help treat the foot pain you have due to diabetes and have several treatment plans to deal with everything from infections and ulcers to Charcot foot, nail disorders and more.

No matter what problem you may be experiencing, we ask that you reach out to our friendly team at your earliest convenience, and we will be happy to schedule an appointment to have your feet examined.

Once we determine what is wrong and the severity of the issue, we will look to get it treated and develop a plan of care to keep your feet healthy for years to come; please reach out to us at your earliest convenience!

Tips to Avoid Diabetic Issues

  • Inspect Your Feet Daily
  • Wash Your Feet in Lukewarm Water
  • Be Gentle When Bathing Your Feet
  • Moisturize Your Feet
  • Cut Nails Carefully
  • Never Treat Corns or Calluses Yourself
  • Wear Clean, Dry Socks
  • Avoid the Wrong Type of Socks (Tight Elastic Bands Etc.)
  • Wear Socks to Bed
  • Shake Out Your Shoes Before Wearing
  • Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry
  • Never Walk Barefoot
  • Don’t Smoke
  • Get Periodic Foot Exams
  • And More
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